I'm so embarassed how little I use Switter. Seems like I'm ungrateful (trust me, I'm not - forever grateful for the people who put their time and effort into making a sex worker friendly platform!!!!). It's just that Twitter seems to be doing fine 🀷 🀦

a couple of weeks ago... my last day as Ada in London! I miss it so much already?! 😭 a special thank you to my client who made the goodbye a little less painful!

Ah, I can’t sleep so I’m looking up all of my books for uni. Now I got myself excited and definitely cannot go to sleep. πŸ™ƒ

it's an ice lolly shaped a certain special way 

y'all this London heat wave got me like :battery_low: πŸ‘…

I'm still here! Just had a crazy busy few months with applying to new schools and getting more and more work requests for my vanilla job! 😱 ooooh, I missed this SO MUCH!

I 🧑 champagne! I hope you're gonna enjoy your Friday, I know I will 😊😈

Today has been 6 months since I last touched a cigarette! I don’t crave them anymore, can I officially say I’m not a smoker anymore? 🀟πŸ’ͺ

Ah, what a great day today was! β˜€οΈ I had a bit of time to do some summer shopping and to my surpsire... I have slimmed down a size! 🀩 Yes! Everything shrunk except my boobs... Sigh (complaining on a high level, I know I know)

this weather... 😭🧑🧑🧑 London is so lovely when the sun shines

Many moons ago I started something and I can finally say... it's done!

Finished! My baby is here and its name is adalee.ch !!!


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I feel like a lot of clients confuse being a considerate lover with respecting. There are broadly two categories of clients: the ones who like to please and the ones who just want to be pleased. One is as valid as the other. Respect is not about who is 'unselfish' in bed. It's about being mindful of my boundaries and booking process.

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Boston how I've missed you! πŸ’• Come visit 4/11-4/14.



2039904959 (Texts only)


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Feature update:
You can now list when you are working on listings.switter.at/
The wonderful @j popped this together literally in a few hours so we are still making improvements.

- use the hashtag
- list your location (you need to actually write "location: canberra" not just the location.
- list your contact info

Please only post once or twice per day.

Simply type in your area. :)

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RT @LiaraRoux@twitter.com: BTW, we've been through this enough times (though never at this scale) that we actually have data about what happens to sex workers when we lose access to advertising. Article from 2015.

SPOILER: We go back to less safe ways of working and some of us die.

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RT @lovelulusyd@twitter.com: 🌍ATTENTION SEX WORKERS & CLIENTS -

In light of the closure today, the team behind @switter@twitter.com have created a free & basic solution for advertising for now. You can use it from your Switter account.

Listings page: listings.switter.at/
Switter: switter.at

I just logged in to check on the recent news about FOSTA/SESTA and I feel terrible for all the people relying on BP, as it vanished. I hope things will turn around and everyone and everything will 'get back to normal'! :(

this... this is the most evil thing you could do 😭 happy Easter, y'all! I will be staying away from social media for a while as I'm wrapping up school πŸ’ƒ

next time you'll hear from me, my website will be up! πŸ’₯

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Hey Aussies! Heading your way as well😘😘

HK 4/17-22
Singapore 4/23-27
Brisbane 4/29-5/2
Melbourne 5/2-5/9
Sydney 5/9-5/15

Available for fly me to you within Australia and Asia



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