I’m curious, how many fellow SW’s are actually getting any traction with clients on here?

Finally look at switter again and got like fifty follows. Wtf is up? :p

Last day to get those lowered rates! Tomorrow they go up again! Call Me on 💋 And yes I’m still up for a via or an

CW: Phone Sex Link 

‪I’m on
‪And the line‬
‪For the rest of the night. But I’d rather any brave call the (1-800-863-5478 x 11227244) so we can play 💋💸 ‬

CW: Edging Talk, Mouth Fetish 

‪I love how much more plump and swollen eating 2x hot ramen gets My lips. I also love how I know this plump mouth is getting you so excited. Be good though, don’t stroke, just suffer.‬

Awww that was supposed to have a content warning with it. Oy.

motto of the day, subs: Don’t think twice, send Me something nice.
Amazon: tinyurl.com/ycn3ytd6
C*shapp: $PrincessNooday
⭕️ pay: PrincessNooday@protonmail.com
Make Me really pleased and you might get a task. I’m in a good mood today. ☺️

CW: tease and denial 

I love when people thank Me for not letting them cum when I’m not even in the same room as them. It just solidifies the control I have over them and their orgasms. Gets Me so wet to deny.

CW: RT Game Request, Findom 18+ 

Which wants to do an ? Raise the stakes and add a chastity element, indebt and endear yourself to Me. you want to be owned, even if temporarily. you need it.

Thought: if we accept and enjoy all body types, shouldn't we direct that acceptance to ourselves as well?

I really want to learn how to hypnotize people, especially since one of My methods for training slaves is to use guided meditation and the awareness of self. It also would help up My powers. 😜

CW: NSFW Pic 18+ Findom/Femdom 

Positions for pets and are open, long term and short term. Although to be honest, I prefer to own you and keep you under My thrall, forever caged and forever dripping and forever needy. $end tribute with your DM, show Me why I should consider you.

CW: Porn Link And Huge Amount Of Cleavage 


New picset only on Sidedaddy! 14 pics in all. Impromptu Nipple Biting Photoset. Horny Abbie decided to tease and bite her nipples and share the hot photos with you! Buy them now. 💋😘

CW: Findom Talk And Lip Fetishization 

Compartmentalize Me and worship Me in parts or as a whole, either way you will be on your knees and obeying every word that comes from these luscious lips. 👑💋

CW: Sissies and Femdom 

I love being a switch. Knowing that I own you and keep you as My sissy slut while another, more worthy person is actually getting to touch Me in all the ways you’ll never be able to while you shrivel away in chastity. It gets Me so wet.

Every night I meditate over money. I use chaos magick to draw your funds from your account to Mine. This is why you find Me so irresistible. Sexually, mentally, metaphysically...the odds are completely stacked against you.

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