Come on, come all to see the new vlog haphazardly put together by yours truly. I ramble a lot about how weird the last few days have been & show off the results of Operation Anime Tiddies! Sign in the for uncensored view. -

I sold another ! Toilet Slave Hairy Asshole Wink and Fart via

SEDUCTIVE STORM @supergirlstorm
BASED IN ~4/7-11
& ~ TBA

SELENA MARQUIS @selenamarquis

Based in , NY ~3/5-13
~3/18-21 ~3/21/-23 ~3/26-30

One of my favorite things about being is that the only thing I have to do it exactly what my tells me.

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A list of things I dislike. In no particular order.
☠️ Gin
☠️ Flavourless cheese
☠️ Being called mistress
☠️ Being fingered
☠️ Smokers breath
☠️ Unkept fingernails
☠️ Eggplant
☠️ Capitalism
☠️ Time wasters
☠️ Poverty
☠️ When humans think pets should "behave" a certain way

I had a wild party with friends this weekend and got deep into ...who wants to take me there next?

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