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If you didn’t know, Switter does have rules.

We use these to moderate the site. They may not be yet perfect, but they exist to make switter a great place for all sex workers.

You can read them at:

(@AssemblyFour is the company behind @switter )

@TDeLaFee as long as it’s not left over from that horrid place you ate in last nite!

What a long day. Trip to Brooklyn & back, 5 hours, time in Brooklyn 20 minutes... 😡

@TDeLaFee gotta say, southern twang is inviting, but if ya learn ya talk in Brooklyn, ya learnt a new language!

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I got my photos back from my recent shoot with @dirt_erotic (twitter) and they are incredible! Go check from out on my Scarlet Blue profile ☺️

@TDeLaFee come for the food, stay for the excitement. But no calorie watching! You come here, you gotta eat of fugettaboutit!

@TDeLaFee real Italians do not let friends eat faux Italian food esp. at Olive Garden. You want Italian? Come to NY or Boston or Providence or Philly (in that order) then abondonzza!

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I agree with no reviews here as some clients are idiots. As a client how do I know a provider is on the up and up. I have been a victim of the bait and switch before. Just curious on thoughts on this

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is not the most beautiful city,
It is not the most grand,
But it is a city where anything is possible, where you can be lost gently, swept up passionately, taken ravenously, and reborn.

I am New York. Become with me.

Contact: //

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Just a friendly reminder - Since we’ve all gotten in the habit of encrypted email with ProtonMail, PLEASE start using Signal for encrypted texting. We all just want everyone to be safe!!! Please Boost!

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@Staley06 Exactly! Ask your clients and friends to do so as well. It is the best secure messaging app that exists today.

Key features:
* Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted. No one can read your messages.
* Keep your chat history tidy with messages that you can set to disappear.
* Send group, text, voice, video, document, and picture messages.
* Make voice and video calls.

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RT WARNING: A fellow provider was set up AND arrrested on soliciting charges and had her visa revoked after setting up a date via SEEKING ARRANGEMENT. Took 8k. Proof against her were messages pertaining to sexual acts! Careful what you say sugar babies, you ARE sex workers.

I promise you the food rivals and surpasses Del Posto’s

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Hello loves,
I'm an based , lover of the theater, bookworm, whiskey sampler, and Irish lassy

Here are my Official Tour Dates:

April 18-19th ,

May 21st-23rd

May 24th , Ma

June 3rd-6th and dates

June 6th-10th and dates

June 13th-19th

June 19th-21st

June 22nd-24th



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